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Upscale your communications
Virtual PBX for better business efficiency
Regardless of whether you are setting up or have an established business, you can advance your communication systems all while saving money and gaining flexibility and efficiency using Technology Centre’s cloud-facilitated business phone solutions.
Though the Traditional PBX Systems provide all the major advantages, these benefits are superseded by substantial cost drawbacks and critically limited functionality. Also, the hardware of these legacy systems is inflexible and lacks the scalability to adapt to the swaying nature of business as it obstructs genuine mobile device integration and the seamless connectivity of remote workers and multiple locations.
Our VOIP PBX solution works utilizing cloud-hosted servers that first receive the phone calls and then directed to phones installed at your offices. Technology Centre’s robust Virtual PBX solution means there is no need to invest in a high-priced phone system at each of your locations, and all this comes with you being stress-free about any maintenance or up-gradation costs.

Built for Optimized Performance

Easily adapts & scales to your business needs

Connect Multiple Locations & mobile & Remote Workers

Lower Overall Costs

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Why prefer VOIP PBX over Traditional PBX Systems?

Benefits of Virtual PBX
Maximize Uptime & Safeguarding your Data
VOIP PBX eliminates threats while securing your data and maximizing the uptime
Increased ROI
Yields better ROI with state-of-the-art cloud communications system
Improved Efficiency
Our experts will design a phone configuration that allows calls to be directed in the most efficient manner
Zero Downtime
Eliminate downtime caused by power outages or natural disasters
Solutions Powered by Latest Communication Technologies

Be available anywhere and divert calls to the right department

We look forward to optimizing your calls by helping organizations install an affordable VOIP / IP telephone system
  • Did you know?
  • You can have an Auto Attendant?
  • Voicemail to email?
  • Answer your phone anywhere you are?
  • Overseas calling, overseas number?
All this is possible!
There’s no need to reconfigure or rewire the phone system itself. Be it next door or to another city, your entire office can be easily moved to any preferable location provided it has broadband Internet access. Our team of tech heads will make sure to leave no stone unturned in assisting you with changing your entire business’s landscape completely with its Avant grade solutions involving:

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    Fill in the details. Our deep pool of certified engineers and IT staff are ready to help you to keep your IT business safe & ensure high availability