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Technology Centre Terms and Conditions of Service:

These terms and conditions apply to all service work undertaken on behalf of the undersigned (“Client”) by Technology Centre or its employees, contractors or related companies.

A minimum half hour fee applies to all requests for diagnosis of a computer’s problems unless covered by Apple’s manufacturer warranty or variable warranty. Technology Centre will provide an estimate of the work that is required to resolve the problem. However, in order to avoid ordering and charging you for unnecessary replacement parts, if there is a problem that may have arisen from more than one part being faulty, we will first order the part most likely to be causing the problem (if applicable, as specified in Apple’ Service Procedures) and will only include this part and the associated labour in our estimate. If changing the first part does not resolve the problem, additional parts may need to be ordered. You will be notified of this situation prior to any parts being ordered or any further work being done. Service parts or products are new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability. Software related issues are not covered under Apple Warranty and service charges will apply. We will contact you in the event of software issues and advise of the cost for repair. If during the course of a repair an unrelated part fails due to normal wear and tear, any damage or any pre existing condition (such as a dry solder) Technology Centre is not liable for such damage. Technology Centre will provide a further estimate of the cost to replace the additional parts (including the cost of parts and labour). The replacement product or part(s) fitted for all service jobs is warranted to be free from defects for 90 days from the date of service or for the remaining period of your original product coverage, which ever is longer.

All turn around times quoted by any agents, employees, franchises or subcontractors of Technology Centre are estimations and are subject to change at any time without notice. Technology Centre holds the right to not proceed with any work until written confirmation has been obtained by the client, whether this be in the form of a signed quote (signed in-store) or written acceptance via e-mail.

Technology Centre holds the right to refuse service for devices that show signs of un-authorised modification or tampering. All devices must contain original OEM parts. If evidence of unauthorised modification or tampering is found by our technicians, the client accepts that Technology Centre may charge an inspection fee to cover time spent inspecting device.

All service work is undertaken with the assumption that appropriate backups have been made. If this is not the case, please let us know. We are not responsible for any data lost. If data recovery is requested by the client, service fees will apply regardless of the warranty status.

You authorise us to run diagnostics on your machine including Apple diagnostics and acknowledge that anonymous system information concerning your machine may be sent to Apple. Any Apple service work may also be subject to Apple’s terms and conditions.

We may hold your item until such time as all service charges and other outstanding invoices have been paid in full. If your item(s) has not been picked up after our communication to do so (including a phone call and/or phone message and/or email and/or SMS message) for over 14 days, Technology Centre holds the right to dispose of your item(s).

The following requested personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address and access details) are necessary to proceed with the request for service. Your email address shall be transferred to Apple for the purpose of submitting to you a survey on your satisfaction for this service. This will be treated by Apple in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy (www.apple.com/legal/privacy) and will never be used for marketing purposes. By providing your email address you consent to this transfer and use by Apple for this purpose. Estimated turn around times are subject to change without notice. All service is also subject to Technology Centre’s terms of trade which can be accessed at www.Technologycentre.co.nz

Out Of Warranty Repair Request Terms:

The undersigned (“Client”) has requested that Technology Centre perform out of warranty labour on the Client’s hardware. Technology Centre has advised the Client that the fault may be due to a number of issues. Technology Centre will follow Apple Service guidelines based on a diagnosis of the fault however that fault can not always be absolutely determined without attempting to replace parts that may or may not be faulty.
Accordingly the Client acknowledges that:

1. There is no guarantee that the repair will result in the machine being repaired.

2. The Client has been advised that Technology Centre will attempt to repair the machine by replacing the part most likely to have failed in accordance with Apple Service guidelines and/or in the discretion of the technician.

3. If the replacement of a part does not repair the machine, the Client will still be responsible for paying for the part and the associated labour to replace the part.

4. In the event that the replacement of a part does not repair the machine, Technology Centre will seek the client’s permission before replacing any additional parts.

5. Technology Centre shall not
be held liable and the Client releases Technology Centre from any liability in respect of the hardware or any parts thereof failing or being damaged as a result of performing the labour at the
Client’s request.

6. Technology Centre provides no express or implied guarantee or warranty in respect of the
labour whatsoever.

7. The Client shall have no right of redress against Technology Centre as a result of the labour being performed.

8. The Client agrees to pay a $40.00 Assessment Fee upon the service request. This is non refundable.
Assessment Fee: iOS $89 and Mac OS $129.

For out of warranty machines Technology Centre requires this diagnostic fee to be paid up front as a bond for repair.

$129 Insurance Assessment Fee:

For an Insurance assessment, we require this insurance assessment fee to be paid up front, in most cases this will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Migration Terms:

Most migrations are successful, however we may run into complications. We cannot guarantee complete migrations of all data in its entirety. This may mean certain data may not come across
including emails and contacts. No Applications or software can be migrated from a PC. Applications may need to be re-activated or re-installed for a Mac. If you are coming from an older Mac,
please make sure all your Applications are up to date and are at least Universal. Any PPC only applications will not run on new Macs. Please make sure your PC is running (Windows 7 or later is
preferred) and run all updates prior to Migration. Migrations must be completed in-store at Technology Centre. Estimated turn around for migrations is 1-3 working days (Subject to change during
the migration).